Careers of Psychology Alumni


Our graduates have entered a wide variety of careers with their bachelor's degree in psychology, including positions related to mental health, child development, psychological and medical research, human resources, education, and business. Others pursued graduate study to become professional psychologists in areas such as clinical, school, developmental, industrial/organizational, and sport psychology; and some of our graduates obtained professional degrees in related areas, such as public health, education, social work, and physical therapy.


Bachelor's Degree Careers

Below are examples of careers that our graduates with bachelor's degrees have pursued:


Nicole Rogers (2015): Mental Health Specialist, St. Joseph’s Orphanage  
Nicole provides counseling and casework services to individuals who have been referred to St. Joe’s because of behavior issues at their previous schools. She also works with partial hospitalization groups, for clients who need additional behavioral support and therapy.  Nicole’s responsibilities include assessing clients’ mental health status and developing treatment plans or making referrals for appropriate services.  She is trained in crisis intervention methods in order to keep the clients from being a danger to themselves or others.








Megan Pfeiffer (2014): Clinical Research Coordinator II, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center  
Megan works in the Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology on research to help understand and improve symptoms of chronic pain in juveniles, particularly those living with fibromyalgia. Her duties include recruiting participants for clinical studies from multiple pain clinics, conducting and interpreting statistical analyses, and writing reports on current findings. Megan credits her success to the Mount’s research courses, practicum experiences, and opportunities to present at a professional conference. These experiences provided her with the research and professional skills that Children’s, like many companies, seek in a candidate.





Corey Straus (2011): Teacher, Next Generation Childcare and Learning Center
Corey is very dedicated to helping youth; he has worked in schools, nonprofits, day care centers, summer camps, recreational centers, and anywhere that could have an impact on someone's life.  In his current position, Corey works with school-age children, developing and teaching lesson plans involving science, math, reading, and writing.  He is also currently working on a plan to be able to speak to youth at different venues to support and motivate them to reach their highest potential.  Corey believes that many of his psychology courses were helpful for this position, including Child/Adolescent Development, Social Psychology, and Senior Thesis.  






Elise Jesse (2012): Sports Anchor/Reporter, NBC 5 (WLWT), Cincinnati, OH
Elise completed a minor in Communication Studies in addition to her psychology major. She reports on local professional and college sports teams, such as the Bengals, Reds, Xavier Musketeers, and UC Bearcats. She also co-anchors an evening sports program.  Elise explains that for this job you need to be able to write well, you must be conversant in sports, you must have strong researching and fact checking skills, because your sources and credibility are vital in this business. 


Jenny Herzog (2015): Therapeutic Service Provider, Beech Acres Parenting Center
Jenny works with children who have a multitude of mental health diagnoses and/or behavioral issues. She provides crisis support to the child and their parent(s), and works with them on treatment plans and implementing different coping skills.  Jenny visits the children at their school or at home, and works with teachers, administration, and the child’s parent(s) to ensure the child is receiving the best care.  She says the courses that she has found most useful throughout her career, and for developing her critical thinking skills, include Abnormal Psychology, Lifespan Development, Social Psychology, Counseling Theories, and the Mount’s research courses.




Michael Heckmann (2011): Grants Administrator and Information Services/Technology Coordinator, SC Ministry Foundation
Michael is responsible for maintaining the Foundation's grants database and technology, as well as running and analyzing reports on data trends for the Foundation's giving over various lengths of time. The research courses Michael took during his time as a Psychology major at the Mount have been helpful, especially with the data analysis facet of his role. Michael's senior year co-op experience was valuable as well, because it was his first time working at the Foundation and it allowed him to keep in touch and ultimately hear about the position he now fills.




Amber Beckman (2015): Asset Protection Detective, Macy’s
While at the Mount, Amber was a double major in psychology and criminology.  In her current position, she conducts audits of the various departments in Macy’s stores and ensures that they are following policies on sensor tagging and cabling of items. She also monitors surveillance cameras to watch for thefts from the store in which she works.  Amber also communicates with store associates about thefts that have happened in their department.  She says the most valuable course she took at the Mount was Social Psychology, because she interacts with the public on a daily basis at her job, and it gives her an understanding of why people may steal from the store.




Amanda Tinsley (2015): Clinical Research Coordinator II, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Amanda works in the Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology on research to help further father engagement during pregnancy and infancy. Her duties include recruiting participants for the Every Child Succeeds program, interviewing participants, tracking the current information of participants, and interpreting and analyzing statistical data.  Amanda says her research courses and Senior Thesis course at the Mount, in addition to working for a year as a caseworker for children’s services, helped qualify her for this position.




Dolores Santillan (2015): Felony Probation Officer, Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas
The Adult Probation division of the court in which Dolores works specializes in treating the mental health and addiction issues of veterans and others who have been arrested. She handles everything from referrals to mental health services and inpatient treatment to homeless certification and warrants. Dolores works with judges, lawyers, case managers, and other service providers to build rehabilitation or sobriety maintenance programs for individuals on “Community Control.”



Andy Tebbe (1998): Senior Underwriting Manager, The Cincinnati Insurance Company
Andy leads a team of insurance underwriters offering home, auto, and personal policies across two geographic regions. The research and statistics skills he learned from his psychology major have been invaluable for the data analysis and risk assessment he performs in his daily work. His training in psychology also helps him motivate and train his employees to succeed and advance. Andy appreciates the personal attention he received at the Mount, and he enjoys the challenge of mentoring individual employees to grow together as a team.



Cori Guilfoyle-McGlothlin (2011): Program Director, Better Business Bureau Center for Ethics
Cori provides ethics education, direction, and recognition to employers and employees in Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana.  She oversees Students of Integrity Scholarships for high school juniors and hosts annual Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics.  Cori also develops and teaches the In Pursuit of Ethics program (taught at area colleges, high schools, and businesses) and the MilitaryLine program (which provides free resources to the military community).  In addition, she oversees fundraising, grant writing, and donors as well as the Charity Accreditation process for the Cincinnati area and 8 other BBB cities (helping nonprofits meet the 20 standards to become BBB accredited).  Cori says her courses in Research I & II, Social Psychology, and Child Development at the Mount were most valuable for her current position. 






Crissi Lanier (2002): Assistant Coordinator, Mount St. Joseph University’s Children’s Center 
Crissi is responsible for providing support and assistance in the overall administration, coordination, and oversight of the Children's Center.  She supervises student work study staff, calculates monthly billing, and assists in maintenance of records for the center.  Crissi is also a full-time teacher of toddlers in the center. She completes lesson plans and coordinates curriculum planning to provide a fun, educational environment for children 18 months to 3 years old.  Crissi believes that her psychology education has helped her understand (a) the best ways to guide and teach young children, (b) how to work with parents to address concerns, and (c) the best educational resources to provide parents on a variety of developmental and social topics.   




Graduate School and Graduate Degree Careers

Below are examples of the graduate degrees and subsequent careers that our alumni have pursued:


Natalie Rudolf (2016): Graduate Student, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, Mount St. Joseph University
Natalie is currently taking foundational courses in the DPT program that will be helpful for learning how to treat injuries and pathologies that physical therapists will see within the clinic. She says her psychology major has been extremely helpful, especially as preparation for her Neuroscience course and the research classes she takes throughout the curriculum. Natalie believes that her degree in psychology will also become very useful in direct patient experiences while she is a Student Physical Therapist as well as when she becomes a certified DPT.



Debra Reisinger (2012): Graduate Student in School Psychology, University of South Carolina
Debra obtained her master’s degree in August of 2015, as part of her doctoral (Ph.D.) program in School Psychology.  She works in the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Lab at USC.  She conducts research on language impairments in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Fragile X Syndrome.  Debra conducts clinical assessments and collects cortisol and blood samples for genetics research.  She is also researching early features of autism in high-risk infants.  She says, “Through the Mount's psychology program, I was continuously challenged, inspired, and guided toward my career path in psychology. I developed excellent research, clinical, and practical skills in a variety of environments, including classes, co-op, and practicum opportunities. The faculty were exceptionally supportive and knowledgeable.”






Tracy Bishop (2012): Graduate student in Public Health Education, University of Cincinnati
Since graduating from the Mount, Tracy has worked as a Site Coordinator for an after-school tutoring and family literacy program at Riverview East Academy where she works with disadvantaged youth.  Although Tracy truly enjoys her work, she believes getting her master’s degree in Public Health Education, with a goal of educating women and supporting maternal health, is where she would really thrive. She believes her psychology courses at the Mount, such as Abnormal Psychology, Human Sexuality, Tests and Measurement, and Capstone, prepared her for working effectively with those in need and helped her understand human behavior, including the risk and protective factors affecting individuals.




Sherrie Kleinholz (2011): Executive Director, Sojourner Recovery Services
Sherrie obtained her master’s degree in mental health counseling from Xavier University.  She ensures excellent client care at Sojourner (which provides substance abuse and mental health treatment) by overseeing all staff, residential and outpatient clinical programs, training programs, medical care, and maintaining accreditation for their governing bodies.  She says her bachelor’s degree in psychology created the solid foundation that she needed in order to understand the complexity of human nature, mental health and illness, the importance of evidenced-based practice, as well as statistical analysis.  Sherrie believes the classes that helped her prepare for this career the most were Research I & II, Abnormal Psychology, Pseudoscience, and Social Psychology. She attributes her success to the devoted support she received from her professors and faculty advisor.




Mike Whalen (2009): Community Health Educator, Humana
Mike obtained his master’s degree in school counseling from Northern Kentucky University, and is now applying his skills to improve the quality of health care.  He works in the Quality Management department, which is focused on improving the quality of life of Humana members.  His duties include reviewing documentation of care managers, analyzing data, presenting data to stakeholders, and improving care manager policy and procedure adherence. Mike believes the opportunity to present at multiple national conferences while at the Mount, collaborating with professors outside of the classroom, and the diverse course offerings within the Psychology Department were vital to preparing for this career.




Megan Kalin (2009): Quality Improvement Administrator, Talbert House  

While at the Mount, Megan completed a co-op in a clinical research department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and she worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator after graduation.  Then she obtained her master’s degree in Health Behavior Research at Washington University.  Megan is now at Talbert House, an agency that strives to improve social behavior and enhance personal recovery and growth of clients at over 30 different sites in Greater Cincinnati.  She works with the sites to develop measurable outcomes and identify improvement opportunities. Megan serves as a liaison with the county mental health boards.  She says the small class sizes at the Mount allowed for more meaningful dialogue with peers and professors, which has helped her communicate effectively throughout her career.




Erin Johns (2004): Clinical Psychologist, Womack Army Medical Center
Dr. Johns obtained her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  In her current role as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Johns provides
individual and group evidence-based psychotherapy to soldiers, and she specializes in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder.  Erin credits the excellent training she received in statistics and research methods at the Mount for helping her succeed in her statistics courses in graduate school.


Erin Johns

David Rudemiller (1998): Senior Manager of Executive Compensation, Macy’s   
David wanted to work in a corporate environment, so he obtained a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from Austin Peay State University in Tennessee. Today he is a compensation manager, and David says one of his major challenges is assessing the psychology of an organization. “I have to learn what motivates employees, what satisfies them, engages them. I do the research and put plans into action based on my findings.” Some of his work entails advanced statistics and data analysis, so his advice to current students is: “Pay attention in your research design and Senior Thesis classes, because out in the real world, you really do use what you learn.”

David Rudemiller

Liz Huesman (2006): School Psychologist, Clermont County Educational Service Center
Dr. Huesman obtained her Ph.D. in school psychology from the University of Cincinnati.  She currently works for schools across Clermont County that serve students with social communication and behavioral needs. She works closely with teachers and administrators to support the implementation of academic and behavioral supports for students. She feels that her research and child development courses at the Mount provided a strong foundation for success in graduate school.


Christopher Litton (1999): Clinical Psychologist, PsychiatrySOUTH
Dr. Litton obtained his doctoral degree (Psy.D.) from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Missouri. He has worked with the Youth Opportunity Center in Muncie, Indiana, where he gained extensive experience working with children and adolescents in a mental health in-patient and alternative school setting. He is currently working as a clinical psychologist in Birmingham, Alabama.
Dr. Litton specializes in working with people dealing with conversion disorder. He also works closely with area neurologists in helping those suffering from neurological diseases. He enjoys helping people with general mood issues, adjustment problems, and other assorted mental health concerns.