The 2017 emergence of cicadas in Ohio is over  (June 13, 2017)

The trees are quiet. We will now be watching for flagging, the characteristic signs of cicada eggnests damage to trees.

We are asking for people to use their smartphones to help us map the eggnests of these early cicadas. For iPhone users, go to Settings, select Privacy, then location services, and finally camera. For android phones open the camera app and tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines). Select the gear icon to open camera settings, then select the GPS tag to turn on the GPS tagging of your photographs. When you see trees with brown branches (flagging), simply photograph the insects and e-mail the photo to  These photographs will be used to verify your observation and to record where and when you saw the eggnests. Over 1400 people have submitted photographs or videos to help map out the SW Ohio distribution. These reports have confirmed chorusing in over 40 locations from Dublin, Ohio to Northern Kentucky to Indianapolis and south to Louisville.

Oviposition scars from female periodical cicadas.

Eggnest damage to trees causing some branches to turn brown. This is called flagging, and it can easily be seen on trees in late June and July.