Report a 2014 Ohio and Kentucky cicada emergence


Residents of southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky are being asked to help determine the distribution of this year’s emergence.  You can also document your observations by taking a photograph of the cicadas with your smartphone and e-mailing it to this website.  You will need to have your location services or gps capabilities turned for the data to be embedded into the photograph.

For iPhone users, go to Settings ->  Privacy -> Location services -> Camera and turn on location services. Then you are ready to photograph cicadas with the location data included with your photograph.

For Android users simply select the gear icon on your camera app until you see the setting "Geo-tag" or "Location tag" and turn it on then e-mail your photo as an attachment.

Please do not compress your image as that may strip away the gps information from the photo.

You may e-mail or message your Ohio or Kentucky cicada photographs by clicking here.