Cincinnati is alive with the sound of cicadas (May 23, 2017)

Accelerated cicadas are chorusing in Delhi, Finneytown, Cincinnati, and in Edgewood, KY

Periodical cicadas are emerging throughout SW Ohio with all reports coming from areas where Brood X emerged in 2004.

Areas where some accelerating cicadas may appear are shown in blue.

Cicadas emerging early also happened in the year 2000 when several states witnessed cicadas emerging four years ahead of schedule.  In parts of southwest Ohio, these accelerated cicadas emerged in numbers large enough to satiate predators, sing, mate, and lay eggs.  A check of those egg nests documented that up to 85% of the eggs hatched.  Those cicadas are expected to emerge this year.

We are asking for people to use their smartphones to help us map these early cicadas. For iPhone users, go to Settings, select Privacy, then location services, and finally camera. For android phones open the camera app and tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines). Select the gear icon to open camera settings, then select the GPS tag to turn on the GPS tagging of your photographs. When you find cicadas, simply photograph the insects and e-mail the photo to  These photographs will be used to verify your cicada observation and to record where and when you made your observations.

Accelerated cicadas have been reported in Cincinnati, Hyde Park, Delhi, Anderson, Green Twp., Westwood,, Finneytown, North College Hill,, Springfield Twp., Forest Park, Bridgetown, Wyoming, Madeira, and North Avendale. In northern Kentucky they have been reported in Ft. Mitchell, Taylor Mills, and Ft. Thomas.

Periodical cicadas belonging to Brood VI are expected to emerge in western North Carolina extending southwest into extreme northeastern Georgia, will also appear this year.

The distribution of Brood VI is shown in blue.

Bookmark and check this site for updates on the early emergence of 2017 periodical cicadas.

Cicadas are now singing throughout Greater Cincinnati